Terms of use

You must sign out of this service at the end of each session.

You must not do any of the following when using this service:

  • input untruthful or inaccurate information
  • upload any files that contain computer viruses or malware
  • commit any cybercrime as described by the Computer Misue Act 1990
  • share your sign in details with anybody else

Your contact details and information associated with your account will be collected and used for the administration of your account.

We will not:

  • use or disclose this information for other purposes (except where we're legally required to do so)
  • use your details for any marketing purposes or for any reason unrelated to the use of your account

We may update these terms of use at any time without notice. You'll agree to any changes if you continue to use this service ​after the terms of use have been updated​.​